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A day trip to Skipness

See Skipness, Castle, The Seafood Cabin and The Smokehouse!

How to get to Skipness

Just under an hour's drive from Campbeltown and the luxurious comforts of Gowanlea Heights B&B, you'll find Skipness Castle. To get there, drive up the B842 from Carradale and turn right at Claonaig toward the Calmac ferry crossing to Lochranza, Isle Of Arran. You'll see signposts directing you the rest of the way, and there's little chance of getting lost en route so enjoy the drive.

From Campbeltown head up the A83 to the ferries at Kennacraig and take a right towards Claonaig. It is signposted as the Arran Ferry. As from Carradale, follow the signs to Skipness. It'll only take maybe 40 or 50 minutes to get there.

"On the way there you'll see informal lay-bys where campers stop for a night or two to soak in the glorious scenery. Further up you'll come to the village of Skipness itself on the left facing a wonderful beach. You can even park on here and have a picnic!"

About Skipness Castle

Entry is free. The building itself has a couple of rooms you can go into and explore. There's also a tower you can climb with bannisters as this is quite an excellent example of a hall house. The tower leads you on to the castle roof, which feels a little precarious as the wall is little over waist high, so be careful!

The views from the top are magnificent though, and you can see the Isle of Arran and of course back toward Claonaig with the rest of the Kintyre peninsula stretching out into the distance. You will also see the chapel you can visit nearby; this is dedicated to St. Columba who's importance to the area we discuss here.

A bite to eat at the Seafood Cabin

When in the season you can visit the Seafood Cabin. This famous eatery has the finest locally caught seafood produce you will likely sample.  Place your order, grab an order number for your table and soak in the view while your food is prepared and brought to you. Absolutely delicious!

Visit the Smokehouse

Also nearby is the Smokehouse. It was the Creelers Smokehouse but has been renamed. In here you can purchase souvenirs, other local foodstuff and also watch the smoking process! 

Free parking is available both at the castle and at the Seafood Cabin.

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