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Shining a light on our little bee heroes

We have bees at Gowanlea Heights!

We’ve spent the last year, not only beeing buzzy on providing you with excellent service (sorry, had to squeeze that in 😉), but also learning as much as we can about honey bees in preparation for installing a hive.

And, as of 19th May 2022, we’ve installed a spring nucleus of bees with a Buckfast Queen into our hive that’s registered on Beebase with the National Bee Unit

As I write this on 20th May 2022, we’re also celebrating World Bee day which is our opportunity to celebrate hard-working bees for the key role they play in sustaining life on our planet.

We all depend on bees and other pollinators for food security, biodiversity and ecosystem health, but sadly pollinator populations are under threat from habitat destruction, pests, diseases and more. Luckily, Kintyre has an abundance of habitats and resources for pollinators, due in no small part to the community at large and the local farmers.

Let’s keep it that way and let’s shine a light on the importance of these tiny unsung heroes, and the not so tiny humans who help in any way they can. 

You’ve gotta beelieve!

We’re expecting (actually, it’s more like hoping) to be able to harvest honey late 2023 and will introduce our home produced honey related specials then. In the meantime, if guests would like to be introduced to our bees, we’re only too happy to show you.

If you would like to take part in an actual bee inspection, we can provide safety equipment, give you a safety briefing (don’t worry, it’s not that bad!) and spend some time with you opening the hive and showing you the bee colony in detail.

On saying that, the care of our bees is paramount so we won’t always be able to offer this, as opening the hive needs to be carefully controlled and limited to the genuine inspection routine to avoid disrupting the colony. 

In closing:

  1. We will have bee related products if the bees are good to us!
  2. We can offer guests close up views of the hive(s)! Very exciting!
  3. If circumstances allow, you can join us for a hive inspection with fascinating information about the bees for a small fee.


That’s it! We hope to see you soon and wish all the best to our new bee friends. 🐝

“The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”
-Elizabeth Lawrence

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