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Following Paul McCartney

Visit the famous Paul McCartney and Wings “Mull Of Kintyre” video location and the Linda McCartney memorial

Remember this? Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney and Wings

This is Campbeltown Pipe Band and the location is actually Saddell Bay, very close by and an ideal day  out!

Saddell Bay

The best way to reach this is via the castle.  Just park at the Saddell Abbey car park and walk across the road.

Saddell Bay is a beautiful area of Kintyre in it’s own right. The bay and the nearby bothy were used in the Paul McCartney & Wings video for Mull of Kintyre featuring the Campbeltown Pipe Band. To reach the bothy, just walk north from the castle along a grass path parallel to the bay. We’ve also posted some other highlights at Saddell here.

The Linda McCartney Memorial Garden

The memorial was created by a local fundraising effort and the statue of Linda was donated by Sir Paul himself. The garden is lovely and peaceful with some fine examples of local flora and is well maintained. You can find it in Shore Street, just around the back of the Campbeltown Museum and five minutes walk from Gowanlea B&B.  It’s a lovely place to have some peaceful moments of contemplation and a moving tribute to a lovely lady.

High Park Farm

This was of course the place Sir Paul raised his family with Linda and obviously holds some precious and dear memories for him. He also bought some of the surrounding farms to ensure privacy. 

The farm itself is now locked up in the hands of a property management company and not accessible to the public. It is still possible to visit the general area but you must be aware that it is single track and not easy to get to. 

Visiting these locations, I’m sure you can make some amazing memories of your own that you can share. 

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