Logo use

This was our original logo when we just had the holiday home we called Cuilidh, Gaelic for “retreat” as in a quiet place to go. For us, this was symbolising many things.  

Firstly, the colour of the trees was a sort of shade of teal and we wanted that to combine the colour of leaves, the sea and the sky. The colour of the writing was an opposite purplish colour that contrasted well but also gave that touch of class. The reflection hopefully hinted at the water in someones subconsciousness.

The trees themselves matched the ones in the area and the palm reflected the fact we’re on the gulf stream so it’s a little warmer here than you’d expect and you can actually see them dotted about the place.

The font was a casual but neat personable style and the thistle, well that’s the national plant of Scotland.

When we got the new house and moved into Campbeltown from the Midlands, we really had no time at all so I am going to confess right now that I just bodged this logo together.

All I changed was the writing and the all encompassing “Stay In Kintyre” brand, but you can see it really doesn’t reflect anything at all about Campbeltown where we want to open our B&B while running the holiday home too. This one wouldn’t last long!

This was the logo I put together for Gowanlea as we were still trying to figure out how to present it and what it should represent. The Lorne & Lowlands Church silhouette was the link to Campbeltown itself and the yacht spoke about the sailing in the area.

Unfortunately the colour was just black as we weren’t sure what other media assets were being used and we hadn’t even put a website up. We also made a white version and you can see some of these versions in the media assets I created in late 2019.

Stay In Kintyre logo

This is our new logo that we aim to use for our Stay In Kintyre brand. This will cover both Cuilidh, the Kintyre Holiday Home in Carradale and Gowanlea Heights, the bed & breakfast in Campbeltown. You’ll see this gradually appear on new media assets and social media,

You can see I’ve brought together some elements from the other logos in an effort to simplify and convey a message. 

The Campbeltown Lorne and Lowlands church silhouette is there representing a famous and recognisable landmark in Campbeltown. The palm trees made it back as I believe they are an important symbol of the climate that Kintyre enjoys. The yacht is here too representing the sailing hobby and seafaring nature both in Campbeltown and Carradale. 

The gold abstract shape represents the sands of the glorious beaches in the area and the purple is a contrasting colour that represents quality although the jury is still out on the exact shade.

I hope you enjoyed the romp around my thought processes on the logos. I’ve designed many but any designer worth their salt will tell you, not all are perfect first time around, especially when it’s your own! For any media asset work, why not visit our site, https://cyberspaceuk.com and we will happily advise and help.

Clearly, these are all copyright © John Richardson 2019 and any license for use must be granted by written permission only. You should only see these logos on this site or our social media accounts. You can report unauthorised use using details here https://stayinkintyre.com/contact/

Thank you!