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Enter the fascinating world of beekeeping

Explore the captivating world of beekeeping through our Secret Life of Bees Show and Tell session, featuring our own bees. For a nominal fee of just £5 per person, you will receive use of personal protective equipment, including a full body bee suit with veil, and receive a safety briefing prior to visiting the hive(s). We'll then show you the bees and give an explanation of their lifecycle, habits and other fascinating information.  

We are members of the Kintyre and Mid-Argyll Beekeepers Association and the Scottish Beekeepers Association. As responsible beekeepers, hive inspection timing is important to minimise disturbance to the natural ebb and flow of the colonies and to promote the health and welfare of the bees. 

However, if you express interest, we can try to schedule our normal hive inspections so that the next one coincides with your visit to give you the best chance possible for you to see the bees in their hives. All we need to do is hope for good weather and healthy, happy bees!

This is why the fee is only payable on the day of the Show and Tell to account for any of the above factors in case we can't go ahead, so there's no risk to you paying and then losing out.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn about beekeeping! Let us know when you book to stay or as soon as possible so we can try to slot you in.

(Usually between 1 and 3 pm, so more suitable for guests staying more than one night although we will try to arrange where possible. Only available 20th May to 25th August each year, or thereabouts, B&B guests only. Contact Kintyre and Mid-Argyll Beekeepers Association if you would like to learn more about beekeeping locally.)

*Individuals with bee sting allergies are unfortunately unable to take part. All participants will be required to wear supplied Bee Keeping PPE and follow all safety protocols.

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